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Multitier evaluation of gene activity in four angiosperms

Mauricio Reynoso, Kaisa Kajala, Marko Bajic, Donelley West, Germain Pauluzzi....Neelima Sinha, Siobhan Brady, Roger Deal, Julia Bailey-Serres; Science
DOI: 10.1126/science.aax8862

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Plasticity Project NSF IOS-1238243

Multi-level Gene Regulation in Arabidopsis

Integrative analysis from the epigenome to translatome exposes patterns of dominant nuclear regulation during transient stress.

Travis Lee and Julia Bailey-Serres; The Plant Cell

NSF IOS−1121626, IOS-1238243, MCB-1716913

Track data now available at TAIR: "Hypoxia Gene Regulation"

Profiling translatomes of discrete cell populations resolves altered cellular priorities during hypoxia in Arabidopsis

Mustroph et al PNAS (2009) 106 (44) 18843-18848.