Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates excited about research in plant biology, climate-resilient crops, gene regulation, or bioinformatics are encouraged to inquire about opportunities in the lab. Students should be able to commit 10 hours per week during academic terms, and are encouraged to apply for funding opportunities for full-time summer research. 

Candidates should email Julia Bailey-Serres with information about why they want to join the lab, their resume, and two professional references. 

Graduate Students

We welcome highly motivated, independent students with interests in plant abiotic stress biology and RNA biology and experience in plant biology, molecular biology, or bioinformatics. Please contact Julia to discuss current opportunities for joining or rotating in the lab.

Graduate students in our group typically apply through the Plant Biology Graduate Program or the Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Graduate Program at UC Riverside. Prospective students can contact Julia Bailey-Serres with their CV, why they want to join the lab, and two professional references. 

Eligible students should consider applying to fellowships, even before entering graduate school, to support their graduate studies. These include:

Postdoctoral Researchers

Prospective postdoctoral researchers should email Julia with their CV, their interests relevant to the lab, and the contact information for two professional references. All postdocs are strongly encouraged to seek self-funding. 

The Bailey-Serres group is committed to diversity and inclusion.  Applications and inquiries from students in  historically under-represented minority groups are highly encouraged.