Undergraduate Student and High School Mentoring

We include undergraduates and high school students in our research projects, encourage them to compete in local and international competitions,  and provide scientific and professional development training. Undergrads are welcome to send a letter with their interests, motivation and aspirations. 

High school senior Susan Su took her project developed in the Bailey-Serres lab to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and placed third in her category (Plant Sciences) in 2018.  Susan is now a student at MIT. 

Plant Discovery Day

Our lab participates in the annual event, Plant Discovery Day, put on by UCR Plant Biology Graduate Students, sharing plant science with a group of fifth graders visiting from Highland Elementary School. The Plant Discovery Day was established in 2012 by Erin Brinton (JBS lab member) and Jessica Diaz as part of the NSF-PGRP fellowships. The event is hosted each year by the Plant Biology Graduate Student Association. 

Sonja Winte & Lauren Dedow

Plant Discovery Day Leaders & Moreno Valley College Guest Instructors of "TRAP"

"Plant Discovery Day" has hosted Riverside 5th Graders in May since 2012.

TRAP Workshop at Moreno Valley College

April - May 2019: Maureen Hummel continues our 5-year tradition of teaching a module that "looks beyond transcription" and provides a hands-on excersise in isolation of polysomes using the TRAP method.  

2022, 2023: This workshop has resumed and continued thanks to the hard work of Postdocs Jeoffrey George and Sjors van der Horst