Selected Lab Publications

Water Extremes, including flooding and drought

Reynoso MA, Borowsky AT, Pauluzzi GC, Yeung E, Zhang J, Formentin E, Velasco J, Cabanlit S, Duvenjian C, Prior MJ, Akmakjian GZ, Deal RB, Sinha NR, Brady SM, Girke T, Bailey-Serres J. Gene regulatory networks shape developmental plasticity of root cell types under water extremes in rice. Dev Cell. 2022 May 9;57(9):1177-1192

Fukao, T., Yeung, E. and Bailey-Serres, J. (2011) The submergence tolerance regulator SUB1A mediates crosstalk between submergence and drought tolerance in rice. 23:412-427.

Flooding and Low Oxygen

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3. Fukao, T., Xu, K, Ronald, P.C. and Bailey-Serres, J. (2006) A variable cluster of ethylene responsive-like factors (ERFs) regulates developmental and metabolic acclimation responses to submergence. Plant Cell. 18(8):2021-2034. Characterization of SUB1A

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RNA Biology

15. Thanin Chantarachot, Reed S. Sorenson, Maureen Hummel, Haiyan Ke, Alek T. Kettenburg, Daniel Chen, Karen Aiyetiwa, Katayoon Dehesh, Thomas Eulgem, Leslie E. Sieburth, Julia Bailey-Serres. DHH1/DDX6-like RNA helicases maintain ephemeral half-lives of stress-response mRNAs associated with innate immunity and growth inhibition, Nature Plants. Free Read Only Version

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